Germicidal Lights

If you’re looking to improve the overall air quality of your home, a popular solution that we recommend is to make use of germicidal lights. Here’s how it works – germicidal lights make use of ultraviolet light, which effectively kills a multitude of bacteria on any exposed surface. It has a high success rate in air purification, and it’s easy and affordable to install. Try it out in your Amherst and Lorain County, OH home!

Light sources and our strategic partner, Light Tech (LT), offer a wide range of high quality standards and germicidal lamps as well as components. We offer OEMs of all sizes benefit from our unique and patented solutions specifically designed for bactericidal applications. They are used in applications such as household water and drinking water treatment, food and radiation protection, water recovery, HVAC sterilization and odor control.

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  • Our UV lamps are bactericidal low pressure mercury lamps that have the widest range of uses from the seven main types of lamp power supply as follows: standard high performance bactericidal and quartz lamps, compact GU quartz lamps, medium and high performance glass lamps and compact frit lamps.
  • Another example of our germicidal lights is amalgam, which is able to deliver up to three times the UV output compared to standard lamps of the same length. They can work with UVC energy consisting of multiple water or air temperature (4-40 ° C). Our custom designs allow for high temperature applications.
  • MPUV technology has changed dramatically over the past decade, and used far beyond the first curing of paints, adhesives and coatings of the past. MPUV lamps receive very strong UV radiation and are used in many different UVC irradiators to disinfect and sterilize water, air and energy of different wavelengths, such as those visible light applications.
  • Quartz bushings are worth the investment. Lamps and provide protection for water flow, cracks, leaks, temperatures and environmental hazards – without loss of productivity. We offer both open and quartz sleeve high performance, and all hoses are made from high quality materials. In addition, quartz bushings are suitable for use in small spaces.
  • Another UV component of the germicidal lamp in our product line is an electronic ballast that delivers high performance and high power factor in a small and lightweight design. They offer the advantage that they are insensitive to voltage fluctuations and line operation at different supply voltages.
The air inside your home has the ability to remain trapped and uncirculated for a long time. This is how dust accumulates, allergies occur and mold grows. When you invest in air purification or treatments like germicidal lights, you are preventing such problems from growing. Feel free to visit our page Heating and Cooling Amherst Ohio if you would like to hear more about germicidal lights, or to schedule an installation for your home, give us a call at 440-988-2277. We service the entire Amherst and Lorain County, OH region!

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